Tactical and Strategic Overview



Observe, Orientate, Decide and then Act















"All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none see is the strategy out of which victory has evolved."

SUN-TZU - The Art of War

The SUB~ROSA Strategy is a unique approach to market investing and trading. Its research and development involves various business models and competing hypotheses to determine the driving force behind rising and falling stock prices.

The SUB~ROSA strategy is an algorithm developed to interpret and capitalize on the constituent elements of trading including but not limited to the natural function of the human cognitive process.

The strategy sets forth certain understandings and expectations regarding cause and effect relationships and then processes that information through models and filters.  Development has continued for over 30 years.  During this time Gene Andrews authored a book called The Stock Market Insiders Manifesto.

What is your edge? What do you have that others do not? If you cannot answer that question promptly, directly and precisely then you probably don’t have an edge. Everyone has tactics and strategy (mean reversion, position sizing, managing P&L, etc., etc., etc.). The list is endless and they are all pretty much the same. 

That said; the real differentiator is having timely meaningful information that is actionable. This is why the big investment banking houses always seem to make money even though their clients may not. It is no accident. It happens entirely and completely on purpose. They have the information which matters most and I am not referring to insider information because that would be illegal.  Nevertheless, it is information which turns the tides in war and in the markets.

That is not an opinion. IT IS A FACT.

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