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The Manifesto

"The wise win before they fight while the ignorant fight to win."

SUN-TZU - The Art of War

Gene Andrews the Managing Member at SUB~ROSA CAPITAL authored a book and named it The Stock Market Insiders Manifesto. It is a critical inquiry to illuminate the dynamics of anomalous stock market behavior from a Tradecraft perspective.

We have found nothing amongst all that we possess that we esteem more highly than the knowledge of exchange insiders and their actions, which we have acquired by long experience and continued study.

We have meditated upon these affairs for a considerable time and examined them with great care and diligence; and now having written them out in small volume we present this to our clients. We cannot offer anything better than the means of understanding in the briefest time all that we have learned by so many years of study and with so much trouble to ourselves.

May you then accept it in the same spirit in which it is intended. If you read and consider it well, you will recognize in it our desire that you may attain the success which fortune and Providence promise.

Self Evident Truths:

Learn about the driving force behind rising prices. Who controls price? What are the constituent elements of insider trading? The exchange conducts its affairs as would any of the three letter agencies in the intelligence community. It is a clandestine operation mired in misdirection, disinformation and a filtering process that would challenge even the most gifted intelligence analyst.

The problem with a well planned and properly executed deception operation is that one does not see evidence of it easily. Additionally, for the seasoned veterans; when experts fall victim to the traps set by exchange insiders, the effects can be aggravated by the confidence that attaches itself to expertise.

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